About College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SWU

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About SWU

1. Reputation and Strengths

SWU is located in Municipality of Chongqing, the central and the only mega-city in West China, a major manufacturing base and transportation hub, and the fastest developing region in China, with a 3000-year history and rich culture.

SWU ranks about 37 among all colleges/ universities (nearly 3000) in China. There are 40 colleges covering almost all the disciplines, among which Life Science Discipline Group (Pharmaceutical Sciences included) is entitled as Double First-Class Discipline by China’s Ministry of Education.


2. Beautiful Campus

600-hectare garden-like campus ranks 4th biggest in China, and is a well-known movie location.






3. International Student Community

Every year more than 2200 international students from about 100 countries come to SWU to pursue their dreams and keep our community diverse and dynamic.



About College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SWU 

1. Strong faculties

The college has a total staff of 92, with 29 professors and 27 associate professors. Among them, 21 are doctoral supervisors and 31 are master’s supervisors, 66 have doctorate degree, 52 have overseas experiences.


2. Solid foundation in scientific research

The college has one Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, one Key Laboratory of Chongqing, Collaborative Innovation Center of Chongqing, five other provincial and ministerial-level research platforms, as well as two engineering technology research centers under joint construction with relative enterprises.

The Research interests are focus on Natural medicine, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology, as well as Research and development of Pharmaceutical industry.


3. Advantaged programs

The discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences has built a complete talent training system from undergraduate, master, doctor to post-doctoral. We have two doctor programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology and Medicine, master programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chinese medicine, as well as bachelor programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Engineering.


4. International exchanges and cooperation

The college encourages teachers and students to exchange abroad, invites foreign experts to teach in SWU, holds international academic conferences, as well as recruits international undergraduates, postgraduate students, doctoral students, and post-doctor. The college also launched exchange programs with Khon Kaen University, Thailand and a joint training program of ‘3+1’ dual bachelor degree program in Biopharmaceuticals with Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland.















Ø Contact Information

International Students Admission Office, International College, Southwest University

Tel: +86-23-68366002

Email: fstudent@swu.edu.cn(only for CSC and CIS applications)

International Office, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Southwest University

Tel: +86-23-68251225

Email: frr000@163.com(only for Pharmaceutical Sciences applications)

Address: No. 2 Tiansheng Road, Beibei District Chongqing, P. R. China

Zip Code: 400715

Supervisors Information on http://pharmacy.swu.edu.cn/English/Faculty.htm